L’idée c’est d’en avoir

Hi, I’m ARNAUD, 45 years old interactive designer. 

  I’ve been working for more than 25 years in several agencies and as ART DIRECTOR A FOR OPSONE NOW. I live in MARSEILLE ( but I lived in Paris for almost 30 years. I urge you not to come to Marseille, life is too beautiful. married and  the father of 2 girlS. LOVE MUSIC, literature, photographic safaris and other banalities


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Web Design


Design digital interfaces for a high quality user experience..



Editorial design, layout to make the reading beautiful and functional, print as in digital publishing.



Retranscribe an idea, a concept with a graphics, format the big data.

Motion Design


Conceive and set in motion a visual universe to tell your story.

My goal is to offer my expertise in graphic design and communication consulting. Provide artistic direction and graphic design for their web and print communication campaigns. I propose reactivity, experience and flexibility.

My expertise is to create value around a brand or product, by telling its story, and to increase the satisfaction that this product or brand brings to its customers. I act as consultant and project coordinator.

I ensure a complete interface in all stages of the project between the various stakeholders.


Awards & Recognition

2013 – OPL Award – www.marindessables.fr

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2013 – Featured of the Day – www.marindessables.fr

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2014 – Site of the Day – www.marindessables.fr